Saturday, July 28, 2007

My Wife Calls

Many of you know about my wife cavorting around with some anti-Christian lawyer and begging me for a divorce. You also know that I would never commit such a wicked act. Well, guess who calls the other day?

My wife tells me our six year old needs some sort of medical procedure. I wasn't really paying attention, so I'm not clear on what's wrong with the kid, but the harlot starts balling at me, "Why did you take us off your insurance?" Hey, you're the one that wanted a divorce. I met you halfway, but it's typical that you'd turn this around on me.

The real kicker is that I didn't even know Samuel was with his mom. I just assumed that he decided to go out on his own and make something of himself. Needless to say I am disappointed that my own son hasn't learned something called personal responsibility and would rather cling to his mother than be a man.

I don't even know why I'm airing my grievances here. I guess it's just that I'm so shocked that my son adopted my wife's views that dad should have to pay for everything. He doesn't even consider getting a job. That's the whole problem with youth today. They expect something for nothing.

You'd also think I'd enjoy hearing my wife crying like a banshee after all she has done to me. But, I just found it annoying and ended up disconnecting the phone so I wouldn't have to listen to it.

At least I can thank God that wickedness is punished.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

More Iraq Lies

Do not believe any article you read that claims that the Iraqi prime minister said U.S. forces can leave Iraq at "anytime"!

That was not the Iraqi prime minister, it was his doppelganger! Don't listen to it!


And in response to honest questions from patriots like, "What happens if the U.S. leaves Iraq?" I'm tired of hearing neocommunists retort back, "What happens if the U.S. stays in Iraq?"

We don't have a crystal ball you idiots! Just answer the question we're asking!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Common Courtesy

Last week I updated my site meter to send a UDP packet to my computer whenever a page load occurs. I also hooked up an electro-mechanical bell to my computer through the USB port. I wrote a simple piece of software to ring the bell whenever my computer receives the UDP packet from a page load. It's a pretty nice setup if I do say so myself. Every time the bell rings I feel a sense of accomplishment that my message of compassionate conservatism is getting through.

However, some people visiting this site lack a sense of courtesy. Would you like someone to come ring your door bell at 3AM when you are fast asleep? No? Well, I don't appreciate it when people ring my site bell at that hour. Please, show some respect and only visit the site during reasonable hours. Also, please don't click all over the place while you are visiting the site. That can get pretty annoying too.

Anyway, enjoy the site, but please treat it as if you were coming to my house for a cup of coffee and a chat.

Update July 15, 2007 @ 2:09am in the God damned morning:

Alright, I put this post up on July 11th. I made it very clear that people should be courteous about the hours they visit this site. Everyday, every damn day, I have been woken up at some unGodly hour by some imbecile clicking away at this site. What is wrong with you people? I haven't had a decent night's sleep for almost two weeks! If this doesn't stop I am going to disable this site at night. I mean it. So, when one of you is looking for some emergency consultation in the middle of the night you can thank the rude night clickers that I'm not here to help. You people are going to ruin it for everyone!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Democratic Craftsmanship

Many nights I pray to our Lord asking when He is finally going release the great plague that will destroy all liberals. While He often tells me to do certain tasks for Him, He never answers this question. I believe this is my test of faith.

I've got into some discussions with liberals lately that have left me very angry. I'm sure most of you will find these talking points familiar:

Has Osama bin Laden been captured?
Has New Orleans been rebuilt?
Has Iraq been stabilized?
Has Afghanistan been stabilized?
Has No-Child-Left-Behind been fully funded?

These are trick questions only a PR person in the Democratic Party could think of. Of course the answer to all these questions is no and somehow Democrats think this makes us Republicans look bad. WRONG!

Case in point: Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi made a campaign promise before the 2006 elections to eliminate gifts from lobbyists, enact a PAYGO policy, implement 9/11 Commission recommendations, increase minimum wage, issue grants for stem cell research, allow the federal government to negotiate pricing with drug companies for Medicare, cut interest rates on student loans, and end subsidies for oil companies. She promised to do all this in the first 100 hours a Democratic controlled Congress took office. Of course, being a liberal, she broke that promise and did all those things in eighty six hours. Not the 100 hours she promised.

Many people want to focus on her breaking her campaign promise, but that's not what I'm getting at. She passed a plethora of legislation very quickly. Rushing through legislation like that always results in an inferior product.

That's the difference between Republicans and Democrats. Republicans take the time to do things right!

Another example: In 1993, the World Trade Center was bombed. What did Bill Clinton do? He had some of the perpetrators convicted and sentenced by 1994! Ten people were convicted and sentenced all within a few years of the attack!

September 11th might not have occurred if Bill Clinton hadn't of done such a rush job of fighting terrorism!

I mean I could go on and on about Clinton's hurried actions: balancing the budget, paying off our national debt, reforming welfare, Pell Grants, decreasing crime, decreasing unemployment, decreasing poverty… on and on. All this so unbelievably fast that it can't be anything less than shoddy work.

Not President Bush. President Bush is going to take his time to make sure Osama bin Laden is captured right! To make sure of this He even pulled troops out of Toro Bora when we could have easily of captured bin Laden. Quality is never easy and fast and President Bush knows this.

And you can bet President Bush isn't going to do a rush job in Iraq. It's going to take decades to do a quality job in that place. This president is going to make sure we do it.

But, our president's commitment to quality doesn't end with his own policies. To make sure that we have a quality justice system he sometimes pardons people that have been sentenced too quickly. This man cares about quality.

So, the next time someone asks you whether President Bush has done anything useful in office, you proudly answer: No! Quality is job #1!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Fox News - Too Liberal?

When I used to run Country of the Righteous (before the Jihadists hacked it and setup their virtual training ground) I often criticized Fox News for its liberal slant on current events. Yes, I know Fox News is the least liberal main stream media organization. Even other conservatives point this out to me. But, least liberal does not automatically mean that it is not liberal at all. Unfortunately, for all us main stream conservatives, Fox News doesn't even approach centrist. I'm not saying that Fox News is as far left as ABC, but I will say that Fox News has recently swung just left of Hugo Chavez.

As I said, I have covered this topic before on my old site (peace be upon it) and I was more than satisfied that I proved my position. I just feel, with the precipitous swing to the left, that I should cover this issue again.

Proof positive: Liberal blogs are linking to Fox News in order to bolster their arguments. See for yourselves: Crooks and Liars

The link above goes to a site run by… you guessed it… crooks and liars… liberals. They are so unabashed that they don't even try to hide what they are. But, this post isn't about liberal blogs – they are what they are… cesspools. We'll never rid ourselves of cesspools. We just need to avoid stepping in them.

No, this post is about Fox News. You can't avoid Fox News. It's out their in your, and your children's, face spreading its left wing propaganda. How many people watch this station and don't even realize the distortions it's feeding them? Too many.

The reason Fox News is so successful at brainwashing its viewers is that they are subtle about it. Watch the clip I linked to and see if you catch the liberal slant.

Did you catch it? No? Well, that's their game isn't it?

Let me point it out to you:
"The Muslim world is very good at creating physicians."
"Islam holds physicians in very high esteem."

Watch again.

Now you hear it! Don't feel bad that you didn't pick it out the first time, that's how subliminal messages work. They are there, but you don't hear them unless you are looking for them. I am always looking for them.

Yes, Fox News wants you to think of Islamofascists as you would your family doctor. I know this is shocking, but you just heard it for yourself.

Now, I know many of you want to believe that the words were misspoken. But, I'm telling you, almost every news cast from Fox News has some sort of raving socialist statement hidden away in it. Look for them!

And reader... before you attack the messenger...

Proverbs 14:6:

The mocker seeks wisdom and finds none, but knowledge comes easily to the discerning.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Liberal Media Hates our Troops!

Reader, I am just sickened by the disdain our liberal media has shown our veterans today. Like most of you, I've been celebrating this great holiday with family and friends in front of the TV enjoying a few beers. I didn't really notice the insidious undertone of media coverage for a few hours, but it finally dawned on me what the media was doing.

All throughout the day, the media proclaimed: "July 4th celebrations", "July 4th fireworks", etc. But, not once did I hear today referred to as Veterans Day!

What's the problem you say?

The problem is our media is trying to secularize this holiday and make you forget that its purpose is to celebrate the sacrifice of our brave men fighting for your freedom! The media wants you to forget about our troops currently fighting the war on terror in Iraq and instead worship this day like some pagan holiday.

While I've never served in the armed forces, I can speak for every brave service member when I say that we demand and deserve respect for our service! This country would be nowhere if we hadn't of fought for your freedom. So, please put partisan politics aside and bring honor and dignity back to this day by contacting your local affiliates and demand that they stop referring to this great day simply as "July 4th"!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Scooter Libby - Not Guilty!!!

So, now that the legal system has proved what Republicans have said all along (that Scooter Libby is innocent) I wonder if the liberal media and Democrats will apologize for dragging Mr. Libby's name through the mud?

Read it for yourself.