Sunday, December 16, 2007

A bigger threat than Iran?

Dear avid reader,

Much attention has been put on Iran and the fact that they managed to infiltrate our intelligence community to produce a National Intelligence Estimate that makes the spurious claim that Iran stopped their nuclear weapons program in 2003. True, this alone justifies a massive invasion of Iran, Syria and Croatia.

However, there is a much more daunting enemy than the aforementioned axis of evil. Now, before everyone jumps on my case here, let me point out that while we know these countries are working together to build a nuclear weapon that will kill or maim every American citizen in the world the fact of the matter is that these countries have been rather gutless in asserting their will. When was the last time you heard these three nations threaten the United States? Because of the decisive leadership of President Bush there is self doubt and hesitation among these extremist states.

There is, however, one rogue nation that openly threatens America's leadership in the world: Papua New Guinea

The frightening fact is that we don't even have a National Intelligence Estimate on Papua New Guinea's nuclear capability. But, we do know that the majority of the country's population subscribes to extremist religious beliefs with 34% practicing Indigenlam and another 22% taking orders from the Roman Catholic Cult. There is only a 4% Christian population. Given this fact, wouldn't it be prudent to invade now? We could easily overwhelm the island defenses with the element of surprise. Believe me, no one would expect an invasion now.

Unfortunately, I am no longer a campaign adviser due to an altercation with a female staff member. So, don't expect to see this very serious issue brought up in any of the Republican debates as the candidates all appear to be asleep at the wheel.


We now have indirect evidence of the Guinea nuclear program. Reputable scientists have discovered genetically mutated rats and possums around the suspected weapons site.


At 12/17/2007 10:10 PM, Anonymous festbread said...

Great patriotic post, sir. I loved it!

We need to exterminate everyone in all 13 intelligence agencies (and their families) that contributed to that report. Especially those from Croatia!

As for battling the giant rats and possums of the South Pacific, may I suggest using the giant cats and snakes from the surrounding desert of Los Alamos, New Mexico. Many red tailed hawks, and bald eagles have evolved, if you'll pardon the expression, into giant desert felines, reptiles and birds of prey. Ridding our deserts of these bastardized freaks of nature could bring much relief to the great city of Albuquerque.

At 12/18/2007 7:09 AM, Blogger Kirk said...

FestBread: No, I will not pardon your not so subtle reference to evolution. None of those abominations "evolved" as you say. They were created by God to warn us of His anger towards our tolerance of homosexuals within His country.

The only candidate that can save us from His wrath is Dr. Ron Paul PhD. I urge you to visit his site and read about his plan to cleanse us of our sin and deliver us from evil.

Ron Paul 2008!

At 12/20/2007 6:32 PM, Anonymous fest bread said...

A man who can raise that much money online surely deserves to be president.

Only the DeFranco Family can put a stop to Guinea's nuclear threat. They're stronger than Blackwater, or sewer water.

At 12/21/2007 11:52 PM, Blogger Rudy said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 12/23/2007 3:52 PM, Anonymous timmy said...

Happy Holidays
You win it all

Ron Paul 2008!

At 12/28/2007 8:19 PM, Anonymous smikey's friend said...

You were my greatest teacher until I was expelled for reasons never made clear -

What happened in Pakistan is just more proof that when it comes to the war on terror, the Democrats are so terribly wrong that they constitute a serious threat to the security of the American people — that’s you and me. Boo! The assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto is just another message, if any more are needed, that we are involved in a global war with an enemy that has no morals, no scruples, and no respect for human life, unlike us conservative minded. Who in their right minds would have guessed that something like this could have happened in Pakistan of all places. We can expect that the message will go undelivered to the national leadership of the Democratic Party, which has shown a reckless disregard to any hints that macho swaggering vis-à-vis Islamic terrorism is right and is justified.

In stubborn resistance to reality, congressional Democrats have steadfastly clung to the notion that the Bush administration is wrong in its determination to face the war being forced on us by worldwide Islamofascism and expend its energies in fighting it wherever it is with all that can be purchased on credit. The Democrats, on the other hand, have turned a blind eye to the true nature of the war, especially in their insistence that the war in Iraq is not part of the total war and wants us out, leaving Iraq to deal with a threat it won't be able to deal with for another couple decades. Their myopia over Iraq and the need to pursue an aggressive strategy to root out and destroy the enemy wherever he is, as we are now doing with the surge in Iraq, is not limited to that struggle. It seems that whenever tough measures are called for, they rise up in opposition.

When Musharraf imposed emergency rule and suspended his nation’s constitution in the face of massive unrest in Pakistan, Pelosi, who seems to labor under the misapprehension that among her roles is secretary of state for Capitol Hill, let loose with this broadside, pinning the blame on the Bush administration, which she neglected to note shared her unhappiness with Musharraf’s actions, but not her stridency: "For too long, President Musharraf failed to confront effectively his growing unpopularity” Madame Pelosi said. “The Bush administration enabled Musharraf's delusion by ignoring his undemocratic acts and lack of internal support in exchange for his assistance in efforts against terrorism. Pakistan will only be a reliable and capable ally against terrorism when its government is not seen as an enemy by its own people," Pelosi added.

I just can't understand why Democrats oppose Musharraf; our sole hope of keeping order in a nuclear-armed Pakistan and preventing the horrendous Taliban --who are now dorrmant-- from awakening to re-conquering Afghanistan.

Wherever we are engaged in the global war on terrorism the Democratic Party, now thoroughly in the hands of the greatest conglomeration of fanatic far-out left-wingers in all creation, prefers to treat the struggle as if it were beanbag, where one plays by gentlemanly rules even as the enemy kills people in suicide bombings or chopping off heads.

Pakistan is not an isolated case. We are as much at war there, by proxy, as we are in Afghanistan, by proxy, where our troops battle the Taliban, by proxy. If we lose Pakistan, al-Qaida could be the world’s ninth nuclear power, and playing the Democrats’ game of beanbag could threaten us with mushroom clouds over Manhattan.

As the Nixon folks used to say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. For today’s Democrats, when the going gets tough, it’s time to wring your hands and tsk-tsk while the tough get going.

At 1/03/2008 7:53 AM, Blogger Kirk said...

You had me at "greatest teacher". I didn't feel the need to read beyond that. Thank you for your kind words and unwavering support.

At 1/13/2008 10:24 PM, Anonymous smikey's friend said...

You are cherished by all. Flower petals and perfumed $100 bills should be thrown at your feet.

I truly hope you'll carry on with this righteous blog pt. 2 and find (on your own) many sheep to herd and sheer.

The world honors you, Kirk. We bow our heads in submission.

At 1/27/2008 11:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, you are a fucking nutjob. This is hilarious.

At 1/28/2008 8:03 AM, Blogger Kirk said...

Anonymous: If spreading Christ's love is "hilarious" to you then I wonder how "hilarious" it will be when He rams his fist up your ass and rips out your spleen before throwing you into the fiery pit of Hell. That's what happens to blasphemers. Who's the "nutjob" now Anonymous?

At 1/29/2008 9:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoa, the God of Abraham is a fister? That is so fucking kinky. Does he also wear leather and high heels when he fists? Well, in preparation for the afterlife, perhaps you and your dad can practice on each other. Oh, you already have?

At 2/02/2008 4:15 PM, Blogger Kirk said...

You're not fooling anyone Kucinich. Don't take your election fiasco out on me, my father and my Lord. Be happy you still have Elizabeth and that the sex tapes haven't surfaced yet.

At 2/03/2008 3:54 PM, Anonymous wellingford said...

I heard Dennis (Anonymous) Kucinich has a metal plate in his head. Devil's advocate John Edwards is using the sex tape to blackmail Kucinich.

At 2/03/2008 9:56 PM, Blogger Melissa said...

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At 2/24/2008 6:16 PM, Blogger Rudy said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 2/25/2008 8:10 PM, Blogger Kirk said...

Rudy: You know I don't interfere with the efficiency of free markets.

At 2/26/2008 10:11 PM, Blogger Rudy said...

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At 2/28/2008 10:19 PM, Blogger Rudy said...

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