Saturday, August 18, 2007

Financial Freedom!

Many of you already know that the financing of my second home fell through at the last minute and that I'm past due on three mortgage payments for my first home. I thank you for your emails of condolences, but you fail to see the power of the free market.

I'll admit that even I felt like I had been let down by my own ideology for a brief moment. But, is wasn't even a week after the bank notified me that they couldn't finance my interest only loan and second mortgage to pay for my first home's second mortgage that I got a business opportunity that not only promises to end my current financial tangle, but help out an African whose country turned against his free market policies.

I won't go into exact details, but my daughter will thank me for investing her college funds into this exciting and lucrative endeavor. I've already started celebrating by purchasing an RV that I'll tour the great state of Texas with. Guess I got that second home after all despite the liberal banks!


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