Saturday, June 23, 2007

Playing Politics

I know this is old news, but I just woke up from a binge forced upon me by the liberal pushers allowed to pollute our airwaves with their smutty beer commercials. Perhaps if we had a Republican controlled Congress running the FCC, people like me wouldn't constantly be victimized by the progressive rationalist agenda.

Anyway, something struck me during the dimocratic debate that I'm not sure anyone else picked up on. Let's face it. There are not too many people out there with my intellect. The last election clearly demonstrated that.

Former Senator John Edwards slammed Hillary Rodham Clinton for waiting until the last minute to cast her vote against the Iraq Supplemental Bill. That, my readers, was a very astute observation coming from someone who couldn't even manage to win reelection as a senator in his own state, or the 2004 primary, or the Vice Presidency. In other words, it was a shot in the dark by a hapless man that just happened to nail the target.

You see, I know what John Edwards, and most of you, can't possibly comprehend. Mrs. Clinton wanted the funding bill to pass and wanted to vote against it. Yes, she wanted both.

It is obvious why she wanted to vote against the bill: Political gain.

However, it was even more important to her that the bill pass. So important, in fact, that she waited until the last minute to cast her vote in order to cast a yes vote if absolutely necessary. By waiting until the last minute, she could tell whether or not the bill would need her vote to pass.

But why would she want this bill to pass? Wake up people! It's for more political gain!

Do you see it yet? No? Of course not. Let me explain.

Voting against the bill is a pro-terrorist move that rallies the demoncratic base behind her. That political gain is easy to grasp.

Ensuring that the bill passes also gives political gain, but it is a little more complicated to explain.

Everyone will agree that President Bush has been steadfast in everything he has done during His presidency. Once President Bush chooses a path, he stays the course. He does not flinch even under intense pressure. No matter how much "evidence" the "experts" present, nothing sways the man. President Bush has demonstrated that he is a true leader.

However, many in the democrat party think that if Congress withholds funding for the Iraq War that President Bush would capitulate and bring the troops home. These people actually think that not being able to supply our soldiers with weapons, ammunition, armor and food would somehow break the President's resolve and result in a rapid withdrawal from Iraq.

Exactly what planet have these clowns been living on?

President Bush would never abandon the mission simply because soldiers would have to be creative about where they got their supplies.

Imagine when the media shows a few thousand malnourished American soldiers and asks the President when he plans to bring them home.

"Not until the mission is accomplished," would be President Bush's response.

Now that is leadership and toughness! Every soldier and every American would be behind the President. It would be a new dawn in America!

It is this glory that Mrs. Clinton stole from President Bush and our soldiers that is her other political gain.

I hope she chokes on it. Our troops deserve better.


At 7/02/2007 2:44 AM, Blogger T L M said...

You're right. I am a coward. A coward who has always loved you.

I'm strong enough to hang on to anything and everything.

I'm strong enough to let go when I am unwanted. I told you that you were my teacher.

Sometimes life hurts bad.


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