Friday, November 24, 2006

Wow! What a response!

This blog has finally awoken the spirit of Americanism. Too bad most of you will burn in Hell for electing Demorats. Especially you Broke Back Timmy.


At 12/04/2006 11:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

my ass you have a phd from're probably still jacking off to old pix of newt gingrish with peanut butter on your ass u fucking hick!

At 12/09/2006 7:44 PM, Blogger Kirk said...

Anonymous: That is not a very nice comment. I am waiting for your apology.

At 12/26/2006 8:14 PM, Anonymous rudy the bush lover said...

Anonymous commenters are so rude.

I think Broke Back Timmy has a crush on you. Perhaps you could pay him a visit before your condition clears up. You know, shoot him in the face like the VP style. Then pray to God or take penicillin for a cure.

At 12/27/2006 4:38 PM, Anonymous rudy the bush lover said...

Timmy and Joe share the same profile and Cletus has Timmy's picture on his profile now. Cletus has declared his love for you on his profile. Not only are all three of them degenerates but I believe they are on the dope. For shame.


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