Sunday, March 11, 2007

Flashback 2005 – Liberals Attack the Troops

An interesting thing happened recently. My blog was attacked by liberals once again, but this time they incompetently posted articles from my old blog "Country of the Righteous" that was hijacked by Islamic eco-terrorists.

So, I thought it made sense to repost an article I wrote from my old blog in order to demonstrate the liberal lunacy of November 2005:

Liberals make themselves look like fools!

So, the latest liberal propaganda appears to be the use of "white phosphorus" munitions in Iraq. The liberals are claiming that this phosphorus is a chemical weapon. First of all, I haven't seen any credible evidence that we have used TV glow dust in Iraq, and second, so what?

As I pointed out to some liberal fiends in another blog, claiming that phosphorus is a chemical weapon would require you to accuse Sony of unleashing a vast arsenal of chemical weapons against consumers that have purchased TV sets. That shut them up right away. Probably because Sony is a Japanese company and God forbid we ever accuse an Axis power of any atrocity. If I had said Zenith, an all American company, these liberals would probably have already had the ACLU suing the Hell out of them.

I don't see these Saddam apologists ever mention that Hussein used chemical munitions that would burn down to the bone and possibly cause liver or kidney failure. Of course not, Saddam Hussein is their hero.

What's next for these propagandists? I can already see it coming: Using depleted uranium against the Iraqi terrorists is a war crime.

Never mind that as soon as the uranium hits its target it is vaporized into a harmless lightly radioactive dust carried about in the air.

You know, I'm not going to play Satan's advocate here and try to think like a liberal.

Our military and CIA officers go out of their way to protect the civilian population and treat them with dignity.

These liberal guttersnipes try and throw out big numbers and nasty words, like 25,000 civilian deaths or "torture" at Abu Ghraib.

25,000 civilians? Out of a country with 26 million people? That's less than 0.1% of the population of Iraq. Wake up liberals. That's a very low percentage especially when you consider how much we had to bomb that country before our forces went in.

The most unconscionable part is the liberals would have you believe these Iraqi deaths were equivalent to American deaths. They are not.

Torture? Who hasn't had a glow stick forcibly inserted into their rectum at their college fraternity? A little taste of Americana isn't going to do these Middle East heathens any harm. You don't see me crying torture like a little baby and I had to take three of those things to advance to vice chair of my fraternity's planning committee.

Give me a break. You America hating liberals are desperate to create a crisis that just isn't there.