Saturday, August 29, 2009

OMFG! It’s happening!!

Pack your bags and get out now!!! Get out of this socialist country!!!! They are coming for you!!!!! They are coming for you now!!!!!!

So, I was researching a family trip to the Grand Canyon in Google Earth when I noticed hundreds of FEMA camps being built in Arizona. It all makes sense now. Both Barack Hussein Obama and John Sidney McCain were supposedly out there enjoying the scenery. Horse shit! They are in cahoots!! Filthy Kenyan bastards!!! That’s right, McCain is also a Kenyan!!!!

McCain’s father was an admiral and fought in WWII, but was captured by the Japanese, transferred to Germany for intelligence and indoctrinated by the Nazis. He then fought alongside Rommel in North Africa before being captured by the British. It was during his time with Rommel that he fathered John Sidney McCain with an African woman working in Tunisia – a Kenyan woman. He was then deprogrammed and stormed Berlin near the end of the war only to be befriended by Marshal Zhukov where he was reprogrammed with socialist ideals. After the war, he went back to Tunisia only to learn that his mistress had gone back to Kenya and birthed his son. Several years later the father claimed his son and worked with the KGB to forge a birth certificate. However, the KGB had yet to install their sleepers in the continental United States, so the best they could do was doctor a “certificate of live birth” from a military installation in the Panama Canal Zone. John Sidney McCain has NEVER produced a birth certificate when asked to! He’s only ever shown a certificate of live birth!! The same as Barack Hussein Obama!!! This is also why McCain’s son is black. He’s not an illegitimate son. It’s just that the McCain family now carries a recessive Negro gene that can skip generations. This isn’t important though, the important thing to know is that McCain is a sleeper and has been activated by Putin.

The FEMA camps are part of the government health plan written by the Russian FSB. The government plans to use its death panels to send old people and Christians to the camps where they will be rendered into bio-fuels. This is how Obama plans to balance the budget and meet his obligations under the Kyoto Protocol which itself was only written to keep the United States from defaulting on its debt to China since Russia needs a stable China along its borders to make sure Chinese don’t illegally immigrate to Russia. That’s about the only thing I can respect Russia for: Keeping the foreigners out! But, I’m not about to be rendered for that cause!! NO!!! The United States should be rendering Russians to keep the goddamned Mexicans out!!!! This can’t happen while McCain is a shadow vice president and Obama is hell bent on the National Socialist agenda of the 1930’s.

The only thing between us and the fuel tank of a Toyota Prius is the private insurance companies! The insurance companies are run by American entrepreneurs!! This is why the government is bringing all kinds of “fraud” charges against these American heroes – to try and silence them!!!

But, as heroic as the insurance CEO’s are, I believe it is too late. I believe health care reform is coming and coming fast. You just need to count the number of hybrids you see in a day to know that life as we know it is over. It’s morning in America – and it’s raining men. Dead men from the rendering factories.

Get out while you still can!!!