Sunday, December 16, 2007

A bigger threat than Iran?

Dear avid reader,

Much attention has been put on Iran and the fact that they managed to infiltrate our intelligence community to produce a National Intelligence Estimate that makes the spurious claim that Iran stopped their nuclear weapons program in 2003. True, this alone justifies a massive invasion of Iran, Syria and Croatia.

However, there is a much more daunting enemy than the aforementioned axis of evil. Now, before everyone jumps on my case here, let me point out that while we know these countries are working together to build a nuclear weapon that will kill or maim every American citizen in the world the fact of the matter is that these countries have been rather gutless in asserting their will. When was the last time you heard these three nations threaten the United States? Because of the decisive leadership of President Bush there is self doubt and hesitation among these extremist states.

There is, however, one rogue nation that openly threatens America's leadership in the world: Papua New Guinea

The frightening fact is that we don't even have a National Intelligence Estimate on Papua New Guinea's nuclear capability. But, we do know that the majority of the country's population subscribes to extremist religious beliefs with 34% practicing Indigenlam and another 22% taking orders from the Roman Catholic Cult. There is only a 4% Christian population. Given this fact, wouldn't it be prudent to invade now? We could easily overwhelm the island defenses with the element of surprise. Believe me, no one would expect an invasion now.

Unfortunately, I am no longer a campaign adviser due to an altercation with a female staff member. So, don't expect to see this very serious issue brought up in any of the Republican debates as the candidates all appear to be asleep at the wheel.


We now have indirect evidence of the Guinea nuclear program. Reputable scientists have discovered genetically mutated rats and possums around the suspected weapons site.