Thursday, September 28, 2006


Hello reader,

I'm glad you chose to visit my blog.

I used to run a blog called Country of the Righteous, but the Netroot's hacked it and put up a site dedicated to Muslim extremism. I sent a letter off to Howard Dean asking him to condemn the liberals who did this, but he just ignored me. I wish I could read Arabic so I could counter the anti-American propaganda being propagated on the site I once called home.

My old blog was a forum dedicated to main stream America and it won all sorts of accolades. It will be hard to replace it, but I will try.

I welcome all types of people to this blog.

I know this is a little unconventional, but I would like you – the reader – to let me know what I should discuss on this site. So, have at it and I anxiously await your comments.

Thanks so much,